Frankincense 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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Frankincense Olibanum Oil

100% Pure Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Boswellia carterii

Extraction Process: CO2 Supercritical- tree gum resin


Frankincense CO2 essential oil is extracted using the CO2 method. A more modern extraction method, Carbon Dioxide extraction is achieved through pressurizing the carbon dioxide until it becomes a liquid. The temperature used is 95-100°F compared to the 140-212°F used in distillation.


Chemical Composition: The main chemical components of frankincense oil are a-pinene, actanol, linalool, octyl acetate, bornyl acetate, incensole and incensyl acetate




Frankincense has a  long history as a potent incense. With its earthy, woody aroma mingled with spicy, fruity notes, Frankincense Olibanum Essential Oil has been used over millennia in spiritual rituals. Calming and comforting , it’s still used by many religions today. Frankincense Olibanum Essential Oil is great for meditation, helping to clear and focus your mind.

Frankincense Olibanum Oil is also great for skincare, it’s known to help balance both oily and mature, dry skin.




Frankincense oil blends well with citrus oils like Lemon, Sweet Orange & Lavender  for diffusion


Diffuse: 3-4 drops on its own or blend with other recommended Essential oils 

Topically: Apply 1-2 drops to desired area, dilute with a carrier oil to minimise any skin sensitivity.

Massage: Add 10-12 drops to 30mls of carrier oil




 Do not use undiluted on skin.Do not use on broken or irritated skin.If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition seek your Doctors advice before use.For external use only.Avoid contact with eyes.Keep out of reach of children.Flammable.Do not ingest.Store in a cool dark place.

For cosmetic use only



Steam Distillation V.S. Carbon Dioxide Extract


Steam distillation is the most popular way to create essential oil plant extracts, but high heat from steam can damage the plant chemical profile and steam concentrations can't pull out the heavier plant chemicals like cannabinoids.


Steam distillations cause sacs in plant material to open up and release their oils, but unfortunately this process can't extract heavier compounds. The oil that is released by the steam's heat is then carried into the a condenser where the steam is turned into water and the oil separates out. This method can also damage volatile light terpenes due to the high heat. Vacuum distillation allows for steam distillation at lower temperatures, but the equipment is more expensive.


To summarize steam distallation is a 4 step process.


  • Water is heated in chamber one to create stream.
  • The steam is pumped into the still that is holding the plant material.
  • The heated steam causes plant sacs to burst and the essential oil is carried away with the steam.
  • The steam and essential oil vapor is condensed in a cooling tank and the water and essential oils are separated.


CO2’s low supercritical temperature preserve the whole plant extract and can even pull out the heavy medicinal molecules like cannabinoids and carotenoids. CO2 extracts are also 100% pure. For many plants CO2 extracts prove to create superior dietary and medicinal supplements. CO2 creates superior oils for plants that have heavier medicinal molecules such as frankincense and cannabis oil.


A study that was published in the Journal of Agriculture Food & Chemistry found that “supercritical extracts and the steam-distilled products had very different compositions”. The researchers also found that CO2 extracts that were extracted at lower temperatures had a more diverse plant profile. Have you talked to your aromatherapist or naturopathic doctor about CO2 extracts?


Scott Sondles

Scott Sondles

Co-Founder at Watershed Cannabis Company